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We are industry experts in the design, production & maintenance of ultraviolet disinfection water treatment systems. Based in the North West of England, we serve an international customer base, including many large blue chip organisations and government controlled agencies across a broad range of market sectors, and have supplied thousands UV systems worldwide. Our advanced, award winning technology and a wealth of industry experience and technical resources allows atg UV to provide effective, cost efficient and bespoke solutions for a vast range of industry needs.

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Ainslie Park Leisure Centre

The atg UV system treats 380 cubic metres an hour and in addition to disinfecting the pool-water, has the added benefit of reducing organics and combined chlorine levels, vastly improving the pool environment.

Edinburgh, Scotland

5 years on: atg UV systems stand the test of time Ainslie Park Leisure Centre

atg UV Technology, market leaders in the design and manufacture of Ultraviolet technology systems prides itself on its level of workmanship and quality. Five years ago atg UV Technology, replaced the existing ozone system at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre in Edinburgh with an atg UV Sapphyre Ultraviolet system.

The atg UV system treats 380 cubic metres an hour and in addition to disinfecting the pool-water, has the added benefit of reducing organics and combined chlorine levels, vastly improving the pool environment. Five years on the atg UV system is still providing Ainslie Park Leisure Centre with an effective barrier against micro-organisms and crystal clear water with fresh clean air.

Plant Operator, David Proc, says: “The atg UV Ultraviolet disinfection unit at Ainslie Park swimming pool has given excellent service during the 5 years since its installation. It has helped to maintain a consistently low chemical residual in the pool, large savings in chemical costs and gives a good atmosphere in the centre.”

Case Study Back Ground

As wave machines and flumes raise the fun factor in swimming pools, the traditional method of disinfecting water by using chlorine is causing problems for operators and customers alike. Higher water temperatures and increased turbulence in leisure pools requires increased dosages of chlorine, leading to pool users complaining of burning eyes and red or itchy skin. In some cases the fabric of the building has also been attacked through corrosive condensation.

The main reason for these problems is the production of chloramines in the water caused by the reaction of free chlorine residuals with organic materials, such as bacteria brought in to the environment by pool users. Whilst Ozone can be successful at reducing chloramine levels, both the installation and operation is extremely expensive and requires skilled personnel to operate the plant, again driving up operating costs.

The swimming pool industry has, therefore, been seeking alternative ways of disinfecting water and reducing the organic loading of water. Ultraviolet treatment provides the perfect answer. UV wavelengths between 240 and 280 nanometres deactivate all micro-organisms, particularly Pseudomonas (SP) and Ecoli and the atg UV system can be incorporated into existing pool’s overall control strategy to protect against micro-organisms including Chlorine resistant pathogens such as cryptosporidium. Additionally, wavelengths between 185 and 220 nanometres oxidise organics resulting in safe, crystal clear water whilst a reduction in chloramines vastly reduces problems such as Red Eye, skin irritations, corrosive condensation and chlorine smell.

atg UV, with over 25yrs of experience and achievement, is a world leader in Ultraviolet technology. Strong commitment to innovation and development means that atg’s range of UV products offers customers the best choice available when quality, reliability and consistency need to come as standard.

The full range of atg UV disinfection systems, plus service, support and spares are available now from atg UV Technology and distributors worldwide. For more information please email

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