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Municipal UV Conference Success

To all those who attended and participated in the UV Conference: Thank you for making the day a success!

atg UV Technology are thoroughly delighted that last week’s UV conference was so well received.  The day ran smoothly with a variety of presentations from industry experts that covered new insights and case studies regarding the role that UV has in the Municipal industry and its future potential.  The valuable contribution towards the event by both presenters and delegates made for a remarkable and educational day enjoyed by all.

The presentations led to many fruitful discussions and debates between various engineering disciplines and water treatment experts, which continued during the successful networking breaks throughout the day.  Judging by the feedback received, the key themes covered were of great interest and will prove valuable on future UK projects that require UV disinfection solutions.   

Thank you once again for a great day.

Here’s a recap of the day:

Richard Joshi, IUVA Board member and Technical Director, opened the presentations with the UV Roadmap, the latest developments and future of UV. He addressed the hot topic of UVC LEDs, covering the challenges & opportunities and concluding with applications most applicable.

Mike Newberry from Stantec, with over 30 years’ experience in the UV industry, presented on the topic of validation; the various approaches and limitations. Mike compared ÖNORM, DVGW & UVGDM validations to explain the correct definition of a dose, through to how utilities should be specifying UV.

Atkins Technical Leader for Process Engineering, Hugh Thomas, dived into water quality management and the integration of UV into policies and strategies. During this very educational presentation, Hugh discussed using a structured risk based approach, understanding the boundaries and making best use of assets whilst complying with the drinking water regulations and guidance.

Tony Leigh, atg UV Director, followed with a knowledge rich IUVA Presentation on the benefits to UV users of the combined variable approach to UV validation.

Kerim Kollu, the Applications Research Scientist at Realtech led an insightful presentation on the importance of water quality monitoring. With stricter regulations and timely detection of contaminants proving challenging, Kerim explained how real time optical sensor technology has come a long way from the lab into the process environment to help solve this pain point and to increase the number of parameters that can be monitored.

Lead Technical Manager for Southern Water, Graham Bateman who specialises in planning and resilience, presented us with a case study forming an insight into how UV is used as part of Southern Water’s resilience plan. He covered the approaches taken in the past and the key initiatives set to achieve best practice resilience throughout their entire network.  We’re so pleased he could join us to share an insight into how Southern Water apply resilience into their practice.

Simon Leefe, Technical Director, CFD at Wilde Analysis covered a Validated CFD (Computational Fluid dynamics) modelling approach. He explained how this approach can be used at the equipment design stage to identify and mitigate low dose paths, quantify reactor performance and reduce testing.

Mike Morris, atg UV’s Project Team Manager, went into depth on Engineering Deployment of Emergency UV and the key actions to be taken into account. He explored the best practice for both UV plant & system deployment and the considerations for process, electrical & mechanical.

Barry Hopton, Municipal Business Manager closed the conference with a highly insightful presentation on Planning and Design Considerations – How Not to Specify Costs into a UV Plant. A big thank you to Barry for also taking on the role of MC for the duration of the conference.

If you are interested or have any questions on the above topics please don’t hesitate to contact us.




March 2019

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