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We are industry experts in the design, production & maintenance of ultraviolet disinfection water treatment systems. Based in the North West of England, we serve an international customer base, including many large blue chip organisations and government controlled agencies across a broad range of market sectors, and have supplied thousands UV systems worldwide. Our advanced, award winning technology and a wealth of industry experience and technical resources allows atg UV to provide effective, cost efficient and bespoke solutions for a vast range of industry needs.

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Containerised solutions for Municipal Drinking Water Treatment

As specialists in UV disinfection for the municipal drinking water market, atg UV Technology are now offering a range of mobile, containerised and turn-key UV disinfection plants.

Designed to fully meet the requirements of the UK DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) February 2010 Guidelines on UV Disinfection for Potable Water Supplies, the atg UV Technology design provides a range of self-contained, mobile and fully equipped drinking water plants that are suitable for both temporary use, and long-term installations.

UV disinfection system for potable water supplies

Water Treatment Packages To Suit Your Needs

Each mobile plant features 100% Duty / 100% Standby US EPA UVDGM Validated UV systems, and can be set to offer both primary UV disinfection doses of 40 mJ/cm2 RED, or used as a Cryptosporidium protection strategy, offering a 3 Log (99.9%) to 5 Log (99.999%) reduction at a vast range of water qualities and UVT measurements.

The atg UV Technology standard ‘off-the-shelf’ design will accommodate drinking water projects from 100 m3/hr to 2,000 m3/hr within a bespoke 20ft container.  Additionally, specialist packages are also available for the treatment of up to 5,000 m3/hr and include options for Form 4 MCC/ICA designs and combined technology solutions such as filtration technologies.

As expected, the UV systems installed within the containerised packages include all the required features and instrumentation of standard installation municipal UV systems, such as validated UV monitors, automatic wiper systems and variable power stepping.  In addition, both the UV Chambers and the associated Local Control Panels are manufactured to fully meet the requirements of the UK WIMES specifications for municipal drinking water UV systems.

Features of a typical containerised unit

A typical containerised atg UV Technology package features: –

  • 100% Duty and 100% Standby UV Systems
  • Local Control Panels and PLC’s
  • Online UVT Monitors
  • Valves, flow meters and sampling points
  • 316L Stainless Steel Manifolds and piping

In addition to the above equipment, the piping design of the packages takes into account the DWI requirement for controlling the hydraulic profile of the water, and includes the specified 5 x pipe diameters of straight pipework leading up to the UV Chamber location.


5 x pipe diameters of straight pipework leading up to the UV Chamber location.

A flexible approach to engineering and design has placed atg UV Technology as the clear market leader for bespoke UV packages and high specification design.  For further information, please contact our dedicated team of UV experts today.


March 2014

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