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Our Case Studies

casestudyIndustrial Wastewater Reuse: CEMEX UK

CEMEX is one of the world's leading cement producers and suppliers of building materials. In order to limit their manufacturing footprint in terms of process water usage, CEMEX UK sourced their water from the final settlement lagoons of their local wastewater treatment plant (Anglian Water). atg UV Technology was approached by CEMEX UK to supply a containerized UV wastewater treatment plant to disinfect 125 m3/hr of effluent wastewater which would protect against the microbial induced corrosion of their pipe work and equipment.
Following a successful pilot trial, atg UV Technology provide a mobile, containerized UV plant featuring a high output low pressure 8 x 800 Watt amalgam UVLW UV system, sized to provide a >3 log (99.9%) reduction of general aerobic bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria (SRBs) and anti-biotic resistant bacteria (ARBs).
A flexible approach to engineering and design has placed atg UV Technology as the clear market leader for bespoke UV packages and high specification design.  For further information, please contact our dedicated team of UV experts today on +44(0)1942 216161 or visit our contact page.