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Our Case Studies

casestudyStandardised UV Disinfection Skid Packages for Offshore Potable Water Treatment

The process of disinfecting water with UV light is a proven technology, and has been widely used throughout the offshore petrochemical sector for crew drinking water supplies for over 30 years.  In the UK, new guidelines introduced by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) in February 2010 now require all UV systems used for the disinfection of potable drinking water to be independently 3rd party validated to a recognised performance protocol such as the US EPA UVDGM (2006).  


As a result of the February 2010 DWI guidance, many UK offshore installations no longer meet the performance requirements for safe operation and guaranteed disinfection.  In response to this, many operators have begun to replace their existing UV systems with modern, validated and DWI approved UV solutions.       


atg UV Technology are the worlds' leading provider of UV disinfection skid packages for the offshore industry, and have provided solutions to some of the worlds' leading operators such as Shell, Texaco, BP, Conoco Phillips, Exon Mobile, Statoil and many more.  


In response to the DWI guidance and subsequent changes in UV specifications, atg UV Technology have developed a range of standardised UV skid package solutions, specifically designed for the quick and easy replacement of non-conforming UV equipment.


The standardised solutions provide an ‘off-the-shelf’ design for potable water treatment for flow rates of 0.1 m3/hr to over 600 m3/hr.  All solutions are designed to meet the high specification requirements of the offshore sector, and include full documentation, pressure vessel calculations (ASME, PD5500 & EN13445), NDT and PMI. atg UV Technology can also offer NiPH approved systems, NORSOK compliant designs and a vast range of project specific documentation and bespoke design options.



Shown above: Standard atg UV Technology offshore skid package for up to 35 m3/hr of potable drinking water.

In addition atg UV Technology are one of the few suppliers in the world who can offer a solution for hazardous area installations for ATEX Zones 1 and 2 using an Ex d solution for both UV Chambers and Local Control Panels. 



Shown above: ATEX UV Disinfection package supplied to the Valemon Platform in 2012 for Statoil. 

For further information on any aspect of Ultraviolet treatment, please contact atg UV Technology on: +44 (0)1942 216161 or visit www.atguv.com