Marine Wastewater UV Treament

Advanced Wastewater Treatment for Alaskan HB80 wastewater discharge regulations

atg UV Technology have developed a range of  high quality, marine specification UV disinfection systems and skid packages for the final treatment of wastewater discharges from cruise ships.  The UV disinfection systems are sized to comply with the Alaskan HB80 wastewater discharge regulations that require cruise ships and other large passenger vessels planning to discharge effluent wastewater into state waters to first provide disinfection and treatment of the wastewater using series of advanced water treatment technology's. 

A key requirement of the Alaskan HB80 environmental regulations is the inclusion of UV disinfection systems as a final barrier against harmful microorganisms such as E-Coli and Cholera that form part of the approved on board advanced water treatment plant.  The HB80 regulations require UV systems to provide a 3 log reduction (99.9%) of Faecal Coliforms and E-Coli with a single pass through the UV chamber.

The systems are sized to provide the minimum 3 log (99.9) disinfection at water quality’s as low as 30% UV Transmittance (UVT).   In addition to the required high disinfection performance, the marine environment and location of the UV systems in the  bows of the ship require specially designed and engineered UV reactors and upgraded local control panels to overcome high ambient temperatures, humidity of up to 100% and high vibration environments.   

Featuring a range of high specification design features and functions specifically designed for the marine industry, atg UV Technology’s marine solution UV Systems (SX Range, UVLA Range and UVM Range) have become the market leading design for cruise ships and marine vessels worldwide.  The marine specification often requires engineering beyond the scope of many UV manufacturers.


Performace Bennefits of UV Disinfection:-

  • Alaska HB80 approved wastewater solution99
  • High disinfection performance, typically provides a 99
  • 3 log (99.9%) reduction in Faecal Coliforms & E Coli
  • Microorganisms cannot build resistance to UV light99
  • Single pass, chemical free disinfection solution99
  • E99liminates the transportation & storage of chemicals
  • Green technology solution that does not increase the 99toxicity of the treated water
  • Proven field performance across a range of cruise ship 99sizes and flow capacities (5 - 500 m3/hr)


Installation & Operation Advantages

  • Ultra compact and easy to install
  • Closed system design installs directly onto pipe work
  • Horizontal and vertical installation options
  • Multiple flange size, type and mounting options
  • Skid mounted for quick and easy installation
  • Can be installed directly against bulkheads
  • Suitable for both new builds and retrofit projects
  • Robust vibration proof, marine specification design
  • Modbus / Profibus / ICSS / BMS integration available
  • Compatible with chemical cleaning CIP systems